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Is vitamin-C protect from Covid-19?


Can Vitamin C Protect You from COVID-19?

Important Note:

  • No supplement will cure or prevent disease.
  • With the 2019 corona virus Covid-19 pandemic it especially important to understand that only social distancing and proper hygiene practices can protect you from COVID-19.

To prevent the outbreak of Navel Corona virus around the world, scientists are trying to find an effective cure for it. On the same social media, many claims are being made to prevent Covid-19 by using vitamin C. so here we try to find Is vitamin-c Protect from Covid-19?

A recent claim has attracted the attention of many people that high doses of vitamin C can treat corona virus infection

But currently has no cure for pandemic COVID-19 corona virus.

There is no doubt that your food and drink boost your immunity and our immune system keeps us safe from many diseases.

But there is no evidence that this remedy is actually effective or not and scientific research also does not support that high doses of vitamin C can cure Covid-19.

Vitamin C supplements are used to protect against cold and flu in winter. Especially people from cold regions use vitamin C a lot. Doctors say that it makes our immune system strong and provides the ability to fight minor diseases like colds. But is it also capable of eradicating dangerous viruses like corona virus?

What the experts say about this topic?

Scientists from both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization say that there is no evidence that vitamin C helps in the treatment of Covid-19


While according to experts the only way to prevent infection is to take preventive steps against infection According to this,

  • keeping social distance from other people
  • Washing hands continuously.
  • And cleaning frequently used surfaces, is the only technique that can prevent the spread of corona virus.

According to Dr Walter Willett, a professor at Harvard Chain School of Public Health ,vitamin C or some other supplements give relief in cough and cold, viral and respiratory diseases, so people probably think that these things can also prevent corona virus infection. But there is no scientific evidence for this

According to Dr. Willett, avoiding smoking, eating healthy food, exercising and reducing stress are good lifestyle rules and during epidemic crisis it builds an immune system.

Experts say that vitamin c is beneficial in reducing the effects of the flu virus, but there is no evidence yet that it will help prevent corona virus infection.

Use of vitamin C to prevent the infection of corona virus is underway in China. In the study, an attempt is being made to find out whether the high dose of vitamin C can be dealt with by corona virus.

According to the report, the experiment is going on in the Zhong nan Hospital of Wuhan University in China. It continues to be used on 120 patients with corona virus. Such patients are being given 24 grams of vitamin C daily seven days a week. However, the results have not been revealed yet.

According to a doctor engaged in this research, vitamin C works against all kinds of viruses, if given in the right amount.

A London scientist has said that he is not convinced about the use of vitamin C in the treatment of corona virus.

The amount of vitamin C is being given to the patients is very high. The experiment is still in the initial stage. So, it has to be seen what effect it has.

What is the role of Vitamin-C in boosting immunity?

The body’s resistance system plays a big role in protecting against external and internal diseases. By keeping food and drink right, we can strengthen the body’s immunity.

Vitamin C helps protect against colds, keeps skin healthy.

Some studies say that vitamin C also helps white blood cells fight infection. Its anti-bacterial properties are quite effective in reducing the effects of infection.

Taking at least 200mg of vitamin C regularly can reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

Gooseberry; Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, mousambi, tomato, kiwi; Green and red chilies and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin-C.

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